The return of film

Saturday, April 7, 2018 | Cameras, Hardware

A Pentax P30n camera with Ilford film

It was during one of those many rainy bad weather days we’ve had far too many of lately. I’d got around to sorting through some old dusty boxes, one of those jobs I kept meaning to do but never got around to. And, to my surprise, I came across my old analogue film camera, a Pentax P30n to be precise. I haven’t used, or even seen this camera for a very, very long time. I’d forgotten all about it. Or that there was still a film in it…oooops!

Now, I know film, just like vinyl, is supposed to be back, big time. There’s a welcome resurgence underway which can only be a good thing. But there’s all that darn film malarkey, developing costs and, hang on, no LED screen on the back of the camera. And, heavens, no delete button. Digital is so easy in comparison. But then again I liked the idea of going back to ‘old school’ just to get a feel for it.
Then the questions started. What type of film would I need? Where would I get it from? Where could I get it developed? And how much would it all cost? Does ‘old school’ ultimately mean lots of irritating hassle and expense?

I soon found out. I discovered a shop not far from me that still sells film. I took the camera along, pointed at it, muttered monochrome and was offered a roll of film that cost over £10. That was a lot more than I was expecting for 36 exposures. A quick stroll on Google shows the same film is available online for around £5 which is much more reasonable.
The next step on this crazy adventure is to clean the dusty camera and put the film in it. Wish me luck!