Still waiting for Spring

Saturday, March 31, 2018 | Seasonal

Early morning rain on window

That’s the first week of my Easter hols gone by and the weather has been somewhat difficult. Cold, wet and miserable. Six weeks after half-term way back in February and I’m still waiting for Spring to start properly! Harrump!

Despite the beast from the East (twice) the garden is beginning to unfurl and nature is starting to go green. Plans for seed sowing and work in the garden have been temporarily, and annoyingly, put on hold.

The two photographs on this post are taken with my iPhone

Early morning frost on car

Mind you, it has given me time to catch up with some long delayed website related stuff. I’ve changed the contact form from Contact Form 7 to Caldera forms and spent some time making it look how I wanted it. While CF7 is fine and does the job well it’s a little bit long in the tooth and is maintained by one person. It does also load all of its back end gubbins on every page of your website even if you only have it on one page. This adds unnecessarily to page load times to the entire site. Caldera forms is a bit more up to date and I found it easier to set up with a lot of options. It also has a great team behind it. If you only need a basic contact form, as I do, then the free version is all you need.