Spring has arrived!

Sunday, April 2, 2017 | Seasonal

A pot of tulips in the spring garden

Spring has arrived today, and the sun has made a glorious appearance which means a busy time in the garden. There’s almost too much to do. There’s a danger of rushing about to get things done here and there and missing the beauty of this time of year. A good way of slowing down and seeing what’s happening in the garden is to put the trowel down and pick a camera up. Take the time to snap a few photographs of all the goings on as everything is changing as the ground warms up.

Now! I’ve never been a great fan of tulips. They can look too garish and unnatural and regimented. But here are some stunning ivory coloured tulips in perfect condition, this is mere like it. It took a while to get the composition of this shot right but this reflects their beauty perfectly. Note to self: More Ivory coloured tulip bulbs for next year please.