Snow Day!

Friday, February 1, 2019 | Black & White, Seasonal

February snow and flowers in a bush

Woke early and pulled back the curtains to find a super thick blanket of snow had settled overnight. Wahoo! Next thing, there’s a message from work – we’re closed for the day, stay at home, it’s a snow day. Excellent news!

As soon as I could I was dressed and out with my camera. The snow was deep in places and there was a bitter cold wind bringing heavy fresh snow all the time. I would have to be quick as the cold was getting unbearable. Wandering around I found this bush covered with yellow vetch like flowers. I quickly took this photograph and headed full speed back home to warmth and breakfast.

Note to self: Fingerless gloves may have prevented my hands from becoming blocks of ice. I’ve already worked out that snow and Croc’s aren’t a good combination.