Save our NHS protest march

Sunday, May 28, 2017 | Events, Photographs, Protest

Save our NHS march approaches the Arches on Gloucester Road

There’s nothing quite like strolling along, in the road, on a loud and vibrant Save the NHS protest march. It was well attended, and well received, by the public as we went along. You might not have appreciated it if you were stuck in a car or bus behind it though. The Sun shone while we made our way past many an applauding Saturday shopper. We finally arrived at our destination for the obligatory speeches, led by Ken Loach.

My partner works in the NHS so I’m aware of the privatization and the cut backs and how close to failing it all is. If it wasn’t for the monumental hard work that our doctors and nurses put in day in, day out, it would crumble.

There’s an election on, make your voice heard!

Save our NHS protest march on the Gloucester Road
Save our NHS march under the Arches on Gloucester Road