Remember, Remember!

Sunday, November 13, 2016 | Events, Seasonal

Guy Fawkes night fireworks display at Bishop Road School

Ah! Guy Fawkes Night. We usually give this a miss but this year we took my daughter and granddaughter to the big fireworks display nearby. We had perfect Guy Fawkes Night weather this year, slightly chilly and dry. There’s a lot of standing around waiting for something to happen with not a lot to do once you’re there. Crowds were very deep which initially made it uncomfortable. We had a wander around and found a relatively crowd free area at the side of the display area. This enabled us to see more of what was going on than had we been at the front. It was worth the wait, the fireworks were very spectacular. It was difficult to combine taking photographs and watching the display but I managed a few OK shots.

More Guy Fawkes photographs are here link