Heaven on Earth

Thursday, May 31, 2018 | Black & White, Photographs

St Mary Redcliffe Church - the pulpit

After another hard day in the “office” I decided to cut through St Mary Redcliffe church on the way home. It was a sunny day and the light inside was good so I had a quick wander and saw a few things I’d not seen before. While I’m not a Christian I find old churches fascinating. There was a church on this site in Saxon times and parts of the current church date from the 12th Century. Its Gothic architecture and impressive scale separates it from the outside world. As a photographer there’s lots of places to explore and discover inside. A visit comes highly recommended.

St Mary Redcliffe Church - the organ

I always take my small Sony RX100 II camera with me for moments like this. It’s a discrete little camera but solid and well built. Image quality is very good and I find the built in WiFi useful for editing on the fly when paired with my iPad and Lightroom. I love using it. If it has a weakness it’s the lack of a viewfinder. I find squinting at the small LED screen on the back not quite the same but over time I’ve got used to it. Anyway, here are a few photographs I took on the day. I’ve been experimenting recently by adding some split-toning while editing in Lightroom. I’ve been adding a subtle creamy tint to the finished photographs and find it has added some warmth which I like the look and feel of.

St Mary Redcliffe Church - shadows on the floor tiles by the north door
St Mary Redcliffe Church - south aisle
St Mary Redcliffe Church - view of the west end