Get the bunting out!

Monday, July 2, 2018 | Events

Sixtieth birthday cards on a shelf

Yes, get the bunting out and blow up the party balloons because it’s my birthday today. And it’s a milestone year – I’ve actually managed somehow to make it to 60 years of age. I can now look forward to free eye tests and minor discounts at the cinema. Yay!

Despite not being a lover of being the center of attention I’ve had a great day and everyone has been lovely. Special thanks go to my partner who pushed the boat out to make it such a memorable occasion.

Instax Mini 90 camera with film packs plus example photographs

As it’s my birthday I’ve treated myself to an interesting new toy, an Instax Mini 90 NEO Camera. I’d seen others with an Instax camera and it looked fun to use so I had to get one.
Its retro looks are quite classy and it lets me relive my glorious Polaroid days of decades ago. The photographs are very tiny though and the cost of film packs is high so it can work out as an expensive hobby. You have to think hard before taking a shot, there are only ten in a pack, and the results can be unpredictable. That said, it’s fun to use and my granddaughter loves waiting for the images to appear as if by magic. The quality of the photographs are definitely lo-fi but are pleasing none the less. It’s not a camera I’d use a lot due to costs but it’s great for special occasions with friends and family.