Christmas present

Saturday, January 3, 2015 | Hardware

For many years I’ve used a Fuji bridge camera. It was cheap and did an OK job but had it’s limitations. For a very, very long time I’ve wanted something better to replace it with. I’ve been trying to save all my pennies for what seems an eternity. Repeatedly, just as I had enough for something decent, there was a significant outlay needed elsewhere. I thought a decent camera would always be beyond my reach.

Finally, after Christmas was over, I realised there was enough in the camera kitty and it needed spending fast.

It was either going to be a Canon or a Nikon. Or maybe a Pentax. And it would inevitably involve considerable time spent online comparing a multitude of cameras and prices. Unfortunately the Canon entry level camera was quite an old model with old specs. The Nikon was newer and was better all round. In the end the entry level Nikon DSLR beat the entry level Canon DSLR with great ease and very nice it is too. Obviously the next thing to look out for is accessories. Inevitably this will involve considerable time spent online comparing prices. I’ve already managed to pick up a remote shutter release control thingummy on Ebay for a fiver rather than the £20 wanted in the camera shop.

But I have a word of advice for Nikon. While your camera is very lovely the cashback rigmarole that came with it is a pain in the posterior.