I do like to be beside the seaside

Aug 20, 2017 | Photographs

Bandstand on Brighton beach in the early evening light

Mid-August and we had a family wedding in Brighton, staying three nights in a rock’n roll boutique hotel. Our room was Japanese themed and had a round bed on a platform. It was quite amazing.
On our first night we went for a stroll along the beach front and came across this picturesque bandstand. The light was fading fast so I was lucky to get this shot in time. We walked past it again the following night, quite late, to find people ballroom dancing in it.

A merry-go-round on Brighton beach

Later on the beach, walking towards the main pier, there was a mini funfair starting to close down. I took this shot of an empty merry-go-round, all lit up but mysteriously deserted.

The old windmill on the hill overlooking Rottingdean

The day after the wedding we went a little further along the coast to Rottingdean. It’s a lovely old fashioned place, quite the opposite of Brighton. We were hungry so bought some sandwiches and had our tasty lunch on the hill overlooking the town. We sat on a bench looking out to sea next to this glorious old windmill dating from 1802.

Before long our three days were up and it was time to go home. The whole trip was a bit of a blur but the wedding was amazing and we all had a great time. Brighton and surrounding areas are a great place to visit, highly recommended.