Summer’s End?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | Seasonal

Artichoke in autumn sunshine

The six week summer holiday season is coming to an end and September is knocking on the door. There are little signs, subtle changes, that mark Autumn’s gradual approach. The endless summer evenings are a distant memory as nights start to draw in, darkness falling earlier now. Swifts, who have graced our skies since May have gone, their long journey back to Africa begun a couple of weeks ago. Trees are set, poised for their autumnal show, with the very first leaves starting to fall. There are berries and fruits amongst the hedgerows, a harvest ready to be gathered in. If you look closer the first bulbs are starting to emerge as are Christmas cards, already. Soon it will be time to get back to the day job.

Blackberry in autumn hedgerow

It has been a busy August here, neither of us being the types who enjoy sitting around and relaxing for too long. Pottering in the garden is our way of relaxing and there’s always plenty of things to be getting on with. There’s been a fair bit of fixing and repairing and preparation for the coming months. Tinkering with this web site has been ongoing as has been getting to grips with Lightroom. And it’s been good to have the time to get off the treadmill and have space to think. Even so, six weeks and it’s almost over in a flash.

Wherever you are I hope you’ve had a glorious summer break, let’s see what Autumn brings!

Elderberries in autumn hedgerow