Autumn Mists

Sunday, September 30, 2018 | Black & White, Inspiration, Seasonal

Autumn sunrise on Horfield common

It’s dark in the morning now when I rise for work. There’s a chill in the air and that familiar reluctance to emerge from under the warm duvet has returned. As the long hot summer fades away to reveal the coming autumn the light is noticeably different now. The nights are rapidly drawing in.

A few days ago I was greeted by a magical mist on the common during an early morning dog walk. I used the only camera I had on me, my iPhone. The result is the photograph at the top of this post. As I become more familiar with the iPhone camera I’m using it more and more. I take the photograph in raw format using the Lightroom CC app camera which syncs it to the cloud. Later, when I open Lightroom Classic on my desktop, it appears ready for final editing and tweaking. While I intensely dislike Adobes subscription model I must admit I do enjoy working with Lightroom. The ability to sync from mobile to desktop and back again is brilliant.

Autumnal early morning cobwebs in the grass

We’ve had a run of clear, sunny days where everything seems sharper and golden mellow. It would be nice if it continued like this but there’s that feeling that it could all change in a blink of an eye. There’s a growing urgency to get outside jobs completed before bad weather and poor light sets in. I harvested the last of the green tomatoes today to ripen indoors on a sunny windowsill. The chillies are hanging on, changing colour slowly but their time will soon come. The greenhouse needs a darn good scrub clean after a hectic summer. Bulbs need planting.

Quince leaves lit by the autumn sunset

There is still a long way to go until half-term and there is much to do. The weather is good and I’m off to plant garlic this afternoon. When that’s done it’s time for a cuppa and mooch around with a camera, there’s lots of autumn going on.