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Aspiring to be a great Photographer

Mark Pearson portrait taken recently

My name is Mark Pearson

I came to photography by chance. I work full time supporting SEN Students in Secondary Education in Bristol, England. It’s one of those crazy jobs that if I told you about it you wouldn’t believe me. A few years back an opportunity arose to support students taking Photography at GCSE. This was the turning point. I learnt as they did. It encouraged me to get out and about with a camera for which I am eternally grateful.

Along the way I discovered the timeless beauty of black and white photography. There’s an emotional quality and feel of the otherworld that appeals to me. Now, many years on, it continues to be a huge privilege teaching young people photography.

When I was confident enough, I wanted to show my work online. Rather than use my own name, which is how everyone else does it, I came up with the name ‘Pixeloptica’ for my portfolio. I wanted something different and it was short and easy to remember. Time will tell if ‘not doing what everyone else does’ was a good idea or not.

Like many, I have precious little spare time or money to do the things I’m passionate about. I don’t own expensive cameras or equipment and I don’t use a tripod. I’d like to show you that it is possible to aspire to be a great photographer without using any of these things.

PS: I’m on the usual social media ‘platforms’ so, if you are too, you might want pop along and say “hello”!

You can get in touch via the form on my Contact page.
Prefer email:   mark@pixeloptica.co.uk